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Ma Kalyaneshwari Temple

5 kilometres

Kalyaneshwari Temple is one of the most visited and oldest temples in the west Bengal .It is dedicated to Goddess Kalyaneshwari and hence, it is visited by several childless women who come here with their prayers of getting a child. Were made as a part of worshipping Goddess Kalyaneshwari in the past. Being located on the banks of Barakar River, the surroundings of Kalyaneshwari Temple provide its visitors with a soothing and composed environment.

Maithan Dam

1 kilometre

The Maithon Dam is located at Maithon, 48 km from Dhanbad, in the state of Jharkhand. It is 15,712 ft (4,789 m) long and 165 ft (50 m). high. This dam was specially designed for flood control and generates 60,000 kW of electric power. There is an underground power station, the first of its kind in the whole of South East Asia. The dam is constructed on the Barakar River. The lake is spread over 65 square kilometres (25 sq mi).


45 kilometres

Garh Panchkot is located at the foothills of Panchet hill, in the district of Purulia, West Bengal. Garh Panchkot is one of the amazing less-known tourist spot of West Bengal. It has both historical and scenic value. Damodar River is Garh Panchkot is located at the foothill of Panchet hill. The hill is of 2100 ft. high, and it is covered with dense forest of different kind of treats. There is no dearth of amazing scenery. Travelbugs and photographers can found variety of birds and trees around this place. The Fort consists of Singh-Dwar (the entrance), Rani Mahal, temples and guard's quarter. In front of entrance there is a semi-circular moat. One needs to cross the moat before entering the palace. The ruins are scattered up to twenty thousand sq. ft, which is an evidence of huge structure of the palace. A Rajput king is believed to have constructed it. The ancientness of the structure and the amazing landscape surrounding it, make this unknown place a must-watch for all travel-addicts. Located very close to it.

Panchet Dam

28 kilometre

Panchet Dam was the last of the four multi-purpose dams included in the first phase of the Damodar Valley Corporation. It was constructed across the Damodar River at Panchet in Dhanbad district in the Indian state of Jharkhand, and opened in 1959.

Deer Park

1 kilometre

Deer Park is another prime attraction in Maithon which attracts several nature lovers and photographers. Even though photography is prohibited in this area, there are still several dedicated photographers who somehow find a way to capture the beauty of charming deer in the park. As per records, there are more than 50 deer in the park. Being surrounded by the small streams coming from the dam, the panoramic views of the Deer Park are certainly set to enhance the overall beauty of Maithon.

Maithon Dam Lake

200 Meters

Maithon has become a synonym to Maithon Dam over a period of time. Being one of the largest and most beautiful dams in India, it is a vast reservoir with blue waters and green surroundings and was created to cater to the needs of surrounding towns and villages. If you are looking forward to witnessing the beauty of Maithon Dam Lake at its summit, then it is advisable to get yourself here at the time of dusk. You will certainly be speechless after encountering the spellbinding beauty of this marvelous lake.

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